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The Divorce Support Podcast

Oct 29, 2021

Grief is the number one issue for people going through divorce. Recognizing what it is, and isn't is helpful. Unfortunately many people think that the 5 stages of grief apply to divorce. For many reasons this model is wrong and shouldn't be used. Grief has a lot of elements to it. There are other models that are better,...

Oct 26, 2021

Understanding and process infidelity during a long term relationship is hard. In this episode we explore what it is, 8 motivations for why it happened, the causes of infidelity, and how to move forward. Often people need help to work through the infidelity - whether that is with their partner or with someone else. This...

Oct 21, 2021

Moving forward on your own is difficult. There are so many things to deal with and process. In this episode Nick talks about some of these stumbling blocks and some ways to get through them. For example, grief, anger, loss of identity, blame, shame, trust and more. 

Oct 15, 2021

Many people still love their Ex (or STBX) but they know that the relationship is over. For some this is difficult to understand. In this episode you will learn which of the 3 most common reasons. By understanding you can start to understand WHAT it is you need to let go of, and what you don't need to let go of.

Oct 7, 2021 many people struggle to understand WHY they got divorced. The person who initiated the divorce often has a lot of incidents where something happened that caused the divorce. But what is underneath that? For the person that resisted the...